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Marketing Technology (Martech)

Interested in how technology is shaping the marketing industry through automation, analytics and data? Watch this video where we explain the field of Martech.

Looking to upskill? We are running an 8 week course: Martech Tool Kit for Digital Professionals.

Introduction to Martech video series

Video | 01 Jul '19

Meet Joey Nguyen, one of Australia’s premier marketing technology and also leaders one of the co-founders of Venntifact! The Martech and digital industry is an exciting field with various opportunities but “the barrier to entry these days in our industry is so high”. In a series of videos, Joey will break down barriers and share with you some of his industry secrets. Learn more here

Digital Analytics

Video | Coming Soon

Analytics is vital to everything we do in digital. In this video, learn the roots of digital analytics and the extensive ways a foundation in digital analytics can be beneficial whether you’re a technical professional, strategist or design thinker. Learn more here

Tag Management Systems (TMS)

Video | Coming Soon

If you are a business with a digital presence, it’s critical to have a tag management system as a part of your core capability. In this video, we explore why Tag Management Systems are important and the business challenges technology aims to solve. Learn more here

Data Management Platforms (DMP)

How can we centralise the management of our data for advertising? In this video, we explore the various use cases of a DMP and how they are ubiquitously influencing important activities in businesses today. Learn more here

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Video | Coming Soon

Experimentation platforms have allowed modern businesses to test, learn and make data driven decisions at scale. In this video, we cover how experimentation can transform businesses and why we believe a culture of experimentation is important. Learn more here

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Video | Coming Soon

Many businesses run into the issue of “How can we deliver a unified experience to delight customers?” In this video, we introduce Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and the roles they can play in an organisation, and address the common misconceptions between CDPs and DMPs. Learn more here