Advanced Data & Marketing Technology Course

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Learn from leading industry experts
Be mentored from leaders in our industry and be guided on how to further enhance your business consulting skills.

Deep dive into technical skills that will progress your career
Learn advanced technical skills in JavaScript, APIs, Martech integration and architecture.

Explore advanced methodologies
Cover advanced methodologies and approaches to drive Martech related capabilities - experimentation, conversion rate optimisation, audience segmentation, personalisation, digital analytics, marketing automation and tag management.

Who is this course for?

Marketing is becoming increasingly fueled by complex and powerful technologies that allow marketers to craft effective, personalised and customer-centric experiences. Learning how to analyse consumer behaviours to make data-driven decisions has never been more important.

With new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that have digitally disrupted the marketing industry and transformed the way brands build relationships and interact with their audiences, this has created an explosion in the demand for technology professionals in the marketing space.

If you are a technology professional looking for a career in Martech and Digital, this course is for you

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