Martech Tool Kit for Digital Professionals

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Gain a holistic understanding of Martech and Adtech ecosystems
Cover critical areas required to be a strategic digital leader. Understand the Martech and Adtech ecosystems and the core technologies used in the industry today.

Build technical and strategic business skills
Learn in-demand technical skills from emerging technologies. Build key digital strategy and business skills required to drive Martech investment.

Apply your knowledge to a capstone project
Apply the knowledge gained in this course to an industry problem. Build on your personal portfolio to arm you for your next role.

Learn from industry professionals
We work with digital teams in some of Australia's top brands. Learn from our team of strategic and technology industry experts.

Who is this course for?

Anyone interested in learning HOW brands bring their customer experience to life and the technologies that underpin the vision.

Marketing professionals looking to build hyper-relevant relevant technical skills carefully curated for Marketers.

Account managers looking to move into strategic and leadership roles in digital.

Digital marketing professionals in Social, SEM, SEO, Content, Affiliate, Display and others, looking to take the next step in their career.

Digital product and project professionals looking for a deeper understanding of the Martech ecosystem in order to more effectively work with stakeholders.

Technology & data professionals from adjacent fields looking for a career in Martech, digital or marketing.

Aspiring digital leaders from any background who require a holistic understanding of the Martech ecosystem to be effective in their next leadership role.

Career Outcomes

Build practical business and strategic skills

  • Develop a customer experience blueprint to underpin Martech strategy
  • Learn how to build a business case for Martech investment
  • Develop ways of working with business partners, vendors and agencies
  • Apply concepts in this course to an actual business problem for you to build a self-development portfolio

Build technical skills and knowledge

  • Start with a holistic view of the Martech ecosystem, and the technologies and concepts required to deliver on customer experience
  • Build basic technical skills in JavaScript, SQL and APIs
  • Build high-demand platform skills in select Martech tools
  • Web analytics, marketing automation, TMS, CDP, experimentation and personalisation technologies

Land that next role

  • Be armed with enough knowledge to effectively speak to potential employers
  • Be armed with enough knowledge to keep on learning and delve deeper into specific disciplines
  • Skills assessment and recommendations on how to develop your skills further to set you up for success

What you will learn

Session 1 Session 2
Week 1 Marketing technology & data fundamentals Practical Fundamentals - JavaScript, APIs & SQL
Week 2 Data - Measurement & Analytics Paid Media - AdTech, Social and DMP Pt. 1
Week 3 Owned Media - CRM & Marketing Automation Owned Media - CRO & Personalisation
Week 4 Data Distribution Methodologies - TMS, CDP IaaS, Cloud Advanced Paid Media Concepts - DMP Pt. 2, Audience Monetisation, Walled Gardens, Data Sharing
Week 5 Advanced Data Concepts - Segmentation, Behavioural vs Transactional, Data Viz, Data Science, AI / ML Review - Revisit concepts. Q&A. Build toolkit
Week 6 CX Strategy - Develop a future-state customer experience blueprint MarTech Roadmap - Develop a roadmap to power your CX strategy
Week 7 Business Case - Learn the elements of an effective business case Ways of Working - Business partners, vendors & agencies
Week 8 Capstone project to add to your personal portfolio Skills assessment & career opportunities

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Meet the trainer

Joey Nguyen
Venntifact Co-founder | Director, Technology & Enablement

Joey is one of Australia’s premier marketing technology leaders and one of the co-founders of Venntifact. He has led large-scale, 50+ people technology teams at management consultancies and global technology companies. Drawing on extensive hands-on experience across all major industries (telco, financial services, tech, travel and retail), Joey currently helps to shape the vision and long-term customer experience technology strategy for Australia’s leading brands.

Joey takes a very hands-on approach in his advisory partnership with clients. He aims to understand the business vision, translate this into an effective customer experience model, create a future state technology blueprint and then break this down into pragmatic long-term strategic and short-term tactical roadmaps as clients move from crawl to walk to run.

“My first passion has always been to teach the people around me. My second passion is technology. I’m very fortunate at Venntifact to be able to bring both of these together in enabling the next generation of digital leaders in Australia.”


We’ve seen an explosion in the number of marketing technology platforms over the past 10 years. Scott Brinker’s annual Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic now references over 7000+ technologies and providers. Furthermore, it is now estimated that 74% of Marketers now have some level of Martech management responsibilities, but do they have the technical skills required to effectively manage these capabilities?

The Martech Toolkit for Digital Professionals course was specifically designed to help marketing and digital professionals to stay up-to-date with the demands of modern Digital roles. We’ve leveraged our experience in working with some of Australia’s top brands to develop a hyper-relevant syllabus with enough breadth and depth in key technical areas to produce the digital leaders of tomorrow.

There are no prerequisites for this course, though past exposure to marketing or digital is beneficial.

Our course is designed to provide a blended learning experience. Every week consists of 2 x 3-hour in-class lessons. Prior to each class, we may provide some reading material for you to review to ensure you make the most of your in-class time. In-class time will be a blend of theory, practical exercises and group work. After each class, you will be assigned homework to be completed by the next lesson.
  • You will need to provide your own laptop as some classes have a practical element requiring access to a computer
  • A pen and notepad to take down in person “tips and tricks” from our trainer
  • Yourself!

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