Technical Upskilling for Marketers

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Learn fundamental concepts of MarTech, websites and the internet
Cover the basics of how the internet works as it relates to Marketers. Understand how websites are built, the technologies that underpin them the MarTech stack that powers customer experience. Learn how data is passed across the web and types of data Marketers need to know.

Gain technical skills
Learn front-end web development skills as they relate to Marketers - HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Deep dive into key MarTech platforms and how they integrate with websites and other technologies. Implement a basic web analytics platform on a website. Learn about databases and basic SQL to interrogate data sets in order to extract the data you need.

Gain practical skills
Learn approaches to analysing customer data. Configure different types of campaigns and learn how to analyse success - marketing automation, experimentation, personalisation, audience segmentation. Understand how to use your browser’s developer tools to understand what data is being passed to/from your website and how to troubleshoot your MarTech.

Who is this course for?

Marketing professionals looking to develop technical skills carefully curated for marketing professionals.

Business professionals from any discipline looking to gain technical skills that are relevant and highly sought after in the Digital industry.

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